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The REACH (Resilience, Education, Adventure, Community, and Health) Fellowship program aims to work with students to develop skills so they can take control of their lives as they transition from high school to college. Making the right decisions during this transition can be frustrating, confusing, and at times, lonely. The REACH Team aim to provide REACH Fellows with the resources and community partner connections they need to make informed decisions.In short, REACH Fellowship is an experiential education program for motivated high school students from California's Santa Barbara County that prepares them to take control of their future.
REACH Fellowship has two components: the Academic Component and the Outdoor Component. Programming for the Academic component includes but is not limited to college tours, help with financial aid/college applications, and personal development. Programming for the Outdoor component includes but is not limited to hiking, backpacking, surfing, kayaking, and rock climbing.
Please note: programming may change based on the capacity of the REACH Team. To become a REACH Fellow and be a part of REACH Fellowship, you are required to participate in both the academic and outdoor component. Active participation is a must and lack of participation can lead to dismissal of the program.

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