From Our Fellows


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“They really helped us with
short and long term goal planning"




“Without REACH, I wouldn’t have been able to make the right decisions. I might have just end up going to community college and taking random classes. But they helped me focus on what I want to do and to take the classes I need.”

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“When I felt like I didn’t really
have a support system,
there were people from REACH
that I could talk to…”


“I didn’t know anything about Cal State University and the difference between UCs and private college. But REACH was the one that actually provided the information I needed.”


"REACH is always there for me. I feel like they never doubted our ability to be better than what we were. They always encouraged us to strive. Where we come from, not a lot of people believe in us, and for somebody to come in here and to say, ‘I believe in you, and I’m going to show you I believe in you,’ was something I really do feel like REACH has done for us.”